Portable Toilet PP 165

Product Description :

Freshwater Flushing Portable Toilet without Waste Tank Level Indicator. Totally self contained. No plumbing required.

It is a portable potty / toilet for ladies and senior citizen in long travel and beside use at home, by patients at hospital beds; as personal toilet in bedrooms where attached toilet facility is not available. Ideal for cities like Mumbai and other old city center houses. Also widely used for travelling and can be carried in CAR and Motor Homes-RVs-Caravans; Toilet for CAMPING SITES ; Toilet for BOATS ; Toilet for Sites and OTHER PLACES WITH NO OR IMPROPER SANITATION FACILITY.

This Item is known as chemical toilet in India.



Portable Toilet PP 165 :

First time in India. Portable Toilet for bedside use, traveling in  Cars, and customized personal vehicles. Ideal for people with restricted mobility.

Porta-potty for ladies and senior citizens: It is a portable potty/toilet for ladies and senior citizens in long travel and besides use at home, camping, boats, places where proper sanitation is not present.

Porta Potty for handicapped person & physically challenged people Serves great for handicapped person and physically challenged people with restricted mobility; personal toilet at hospital beds for patients and sick people at home. Far better than a traditional walker-type commode or folding commode chair.

Serves very well for camping purposes and outdoor activities. SUV cars, Motor Homes, Caravans, and RVs.

The Portable Potti is built from high-quality plastic which is durable and easy to clean. Can take a heavy person’s weight.

The many innovative operational features of the toilets are designed to make life easier now. The inherent quality of the manufacturer ensures that our portable toilets will last as years go by.

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Image Description
potti1 Comfortable, plastic molded seat. Easy to fill integral water tank is integrated in the bowl section.
potti3  The waste tank has an integrated swiveling pour-out spout for easy emptying. Nothing to disassemble or clean.
potti4  Smooth and certain flush via reliable hand pump.
indicator The waste level indicator shows red when the holding tank is nearly full.
potti6 New ‘snap-lock system between the water tank section and the waste holding tank section. Simpler and more secure. Push, and the sections are connected. Pull the lever and the tank sections are released.
potti7 Easy to carry the full holding tank, hermetically sealed, to an authorized waste disposal point.
potti8 Easy to empty. Just rotate the pour-out spout outwards, uncap, press the pressure release button to ensure waste pours smoothly sway. No fuss, no splashing, and No Mess.


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This toilet is sturdy enough to bear a heavy-weight person.