About us

The current modern life is a time of fast communication that requires modern men to be mobile, all the time. Our mission is to make people feel comfortable while they are on the move through our world class Accessories and Equipment for buses, motor homes, boats, caravans and other special purpose vehicles and customized vans.

VIKAS** promotes the need of “Mobile Living” through various equipment and accessories that can be used independently OR as fittings into different modes of travel by road, water and air.  A lot many applications including equipment for domestic needs and off road applications are also covered.

We believe that our products shall help you in all your ventures that support the concept of “Mobile Living”. You can use them in small cars, Multi Utility Vehicles,  SUVs (Sports Utility Vehicles) and large vehicles.

We provide special equipment for luxury Buses and RVs; accessories for Caravans and motor homes; latest equipment for customized cars, world class fittings for buses and boats. Special accessories suitable for special travel vehicles like house on wheels,  luxury coaches, mobile Office, customized Boats, Yachts  and other special purpose automobiles are covered.

Our products include Portable and Chemical Toilets, complete toilet cabins, toilet with bath facility,  Battery operated pressure Water Pumps, Wash basin, Portable Car and Bus Refrigerators cum Freezers,  Ceiling Ventilation and roof lights, Wheel chair Lifts and ramps for cars and vans specially suitable for senior citizen travel;  Awning Shade for medical camping vans and ambulances, Vehicle Engine Driven Air-Conditioning System and 220 v External Power Operated A/c system, Battery operated A/c system, special Windows & Doors, Furniture, Pantry Equipment, etc.

We maintain full supply of parts, materials and accessories.

Feel free to contact us for your needs of above mentioned products or any special need that you want us to supply.

Help us to make you feel at home all the time.

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E-mail : info@vikasmobileliving.com