Aqua Magic Bravura Bus toilet – High

  • It is a permanently fixed toilet.
  • Floor mounted, fresh water-flush toilet.
  • Flush water for the Bravura is drawn from an independent pressurised water supply.
  • Waste is released into a permanent holding tank, which is installed below the floor.
  • From holding tank waste is drained off outside the caravan or motor home with the slide valve.
  • This toilet is supplied without waste tank and fresh water tank.



Aqua Magic Bravura Bus toilet – High is a rugged toilet.


  • Finish: white
  • Hook up to vehicle central water tank: yes
  • Convenient single-foot-pedal operation
  • Powerful pulsating flush with full bowl coverage
  • Comfortable seat and height
  • Deep bowl so less splashing
  • Stylish design and smooth surface allowing easy cleaning
  • Easy installation and access of parts
  • You can build you own fresh water tank and waste tank of the size you want.
  • Place tanks as per space available in the vehicle.
  • Water pump to connect toilet with the fresh water tank of the vehicle is not supplied with the toilet. Same can be supplied on request.