Marine & Bus Toilet – Macerator – Silence Plus 2G

Bus and Marine Boat Macerator Toilet  – Silence Plus 2G is one of the world’s most widely used toilets for buses, ships, and boats.

Because of the powerful pump, this toilet can throw waste up to 4 meters ( 13.1ft) height vertically OR horizontal distance of 40 meters (131.2 ft).

It is the ‘big bowl’ Ceramic toilet model. With a new design and 2nd Generation System, because of this the Silence Plus 2G is supremely effective and hence comfortable.

The length of 51 cm / 20.1 inches creates a home seating feeling.



Bus and marine boat Toilet – Macerator – Silence Plus 2G.

Features. of Marine boat Toilet – Macerator – Silence Plus 2G

  • It is a European ceramic toilet.
    With the seat cover, and integrated macerator pump for pumping waste out in a waste tank or an outlet pipe of the waste line.
    This toilet is supplied in three parts.
  • A toilet bowl with an inbuilt macerator pump.
    Control Panel for the user interface.
    A freshwater inlet device. ( solenoid valve ).
  • This toilet can throw waste up to 4 meters ( 13.1ft) high vertically OR a horizontal distance of 40 meters (131.2 ft).
  • It has a sleek control panel.
  • A big bowl, big size seat which is as comfortable as in-home toilets.
  • New Improved 2nd Generation System with Elegant design and ultra-low noise- silent flush.
  • Highly efficient.
  • Low consumption of power.
    A water pump may be required if the pressure of the inlet water supply is not sufficient.  (This can be supplied on request)

Connections and supply:

Freshwater is supplied to this toilet from a separate freshwater tank.
Freshwater and wastewater tanks are not included in the standard quotation of the toilet and can be supplied on request.
Depending on where the toilet is to be fitted. The tanks can be fabricated as needed.
Multiple connections for toilet systems in boats/sites can be done from common fresh water and to wastewater tanks.

Working System:

  • The system is based on the combined action of a macerator pump and solenoid valve. Solenoid valve for clean water inlet. Macerator pump to discharge black water.
  • The built-in macerator pump will push black water to empty it in the wastewater tank. shredding occurs in a specific cavity equipped with steel blades positioned before the pumps’ impeller.
  • Only toilet paper to be used and no other hard material to be flushed in the bowl. Because hard material will damage the shredder blades