Car Turning Elevator Seat VGS-TES-103

Car Turning Elevator Seat VGS-TES-103  12V /24V

Driver seat or Co-pilot seat.

The Latest Turning Elevator SUV-Car seat in India.

Great convenience for senior citizens to get in and out of the car. Also suits patients and handicapped people. 

This product is also called Car swivel Seat. Can be installed in all, Sports Utility Vehicles  ( SUVs );  minivan; etc.

It is used for personal convenience for travel. Normally installed as front co pilot seat or front passenger seat.

This product is also called car seat for disabled people. Rotating car seat. Revolving car seat. Vehicle turning seat. Handicap automotive seat. Easy get out of car seat. Wheel chair car seat.


The Car Turning Elevator Seat VGS-TES-103 for all senior citizens in India.  Very Convenient to get in and out of the car. This Turning Elevator seat is a swivel seat designed for those who find it difficult to enter a vehicle from wheelchair and vice versa and step down from car. If you have a person in your family with restricted mobility then this product gives you a chance to give them freedom of being mobile.

Ideal for people with restricted mobility.  Handicap person can also use.

It is also called swivel car seat with elevating facility. Senior Citizen Car Chair. Disabled car chair.

  •  Turning elevator seat turns automatically to help you to get in/out of car easily.
  • Turning elevator Seat can stop at any position you want.
  • The seat turns due to a motor & chain inside and moves backward or forward and can be lifted and lowered outside car to adjust with the wheel chair level or easily come out of car.
  • It can be installed on almost all brands of latest SUV-Cars. There are various models available to choose from.