VK-EWR-L1-21 Electric Wheelchair Ramp for low-floor Bus

Electric Low  floor wheelchair access Ramp for  vehicles:-

VK-EWR-L1-21 Electric Wheelchair Ramp can be applied on low-floor tansit bus  & other vehicles, it installed underside of passenger door step. When vehicle arrives at stop, the driver controls the switch, and then platform can be extended and retracted smoothly. When the platform reach working position,
the rear-end of ramp will raise automatically. This eliminates height of threshold of passenger doors so as to ensure rear-end of platform level up to vehicle floor. It makes convenient for wheelchair to access into the vehicle.It help to improve public transit option for older person & physically challenged person.Ideal ramp for low floor vehicle



  • Rated Voltage of Motor: DC24V
  • Max. Working Voltage of Motor: DC≤31V
  • Max. Driving Current: 10A
  • Tim e for Retraction or Extend: 12~16S
  • Max Loading Capacity: 350 Kg
  • Max. Working Height: 300-380mm
  • Ramp Raising Height of Rear-end (extend fully) : 55mm