VK-FMWR-A-13-15 series Folding Manual Wheelchair Ramp for Low-floor Bus

Folding Manual Wheelchair Ramp for Bus:-

VK-FMWR-A-13 -15 series Manual Wheelchair Ramp can be applied for low-floor city bus , and
can be installed on the vehicle floor.
VK-FMWR-A-13 -15 series Manual Wheelchair Ramp also should be controlled manually and
the material of base is aluminum. It is installed on the vehicle floor, when need it, you just unfold
the ram p. There will be a s lope which can help the disabled get into/out of vehicle. The operation
of aluminum wheelchair ramps is easy, simple, independent and wholly manual, because it
doesn’t need to connect with vehicle electric system. The disabled wheelchair ramps take no s
pace of vehicle. Moreover, the platform of handicap wheelchair ramp and the floor of vehicle are
at the same level, so there is no effect for passengers.This wheel chair ramp is suitable for all types of Indian low floor vehicle.



  • Driving Mode: Manual
  • Dead weight: 32 Kg
  • Max Loading Capacity: 350 Kg
  • Weight of working platform : 15 kg
  • Main material: aluminum & iron
  • Adopt anti-skid aluminum plate on the surface of platform
  • With danger symbol on the outer-edge of ramp