VB 60 DC AC is for Consumer need as portable refrigerator in Cars & Buses; portable refrigerator in Offices, portable refrigerator in Bed Rooms, refrigerators in Boats, etc. This is a fast cooling battery operated refrigerator for traveling.

  • Best suited for Bus Pantry with wire storage basket.
  • Automatic switch for AC & DC-12/24V.
  • Digitally controlled with temperature display.
  • Battery voltage monitor.
  • Adjustable battery cut out with 3 individual settings.
  • Rugged Cabinet deisgn.
  • Ideal for long & short trips buses, cars  or camping.
  • Also operates on 220V AC. Temperature Range ‘C/F’ –
  • 10o C to -22o C
  • Makes ICE. Gives chilled beverages & water. Keeps Fruits & Vegetables Fresh.
  • Can also be used at blood collection camps for transporting and storing blood collected at site. Also used in other medical vans.


CAR BUS REFRIGERATOR FREEZER VB 60 DC AC for luxury bus. Ideal for road usage in Car ,Buses, Caravans, Vanity vans,  RVs and special medical vehicles.

Known for its innovative designs and unmatched quality,  has included some great capability in it. It can run from either a 12V24V power source (automotive battery) or a standard 220V outlet. Check out its many features..

A must in bus pantry for short and long journey luxury buses and coaches whether it is a executive staff bus, luxury tourist coach or daily route travel bus.


  • Portable refrigerator/freezer with temperature control
  • Operates from either a 12V24V power source (vehicle battery) or single phase power supply when available.
  • Internal LED lighting makes contents more visible in low-light conditions
  • Designed for a day trip or longer adventures alike, this portable refrigerator/freezer provides the ultimate in flexibility and convenience with fast cooling capability.
  • Can operate at angles up to 30 degrees from level.
  • Tough and durable outer casing portable refrigerator
  • Side handles provide easy portability
  • An LED monitoring display provides temperature, power-low indicator, and battery level
  • Get the strength and insulation of a freezer in a compact, rugged, and portable unit.
  • Perfect for boating, camping, hunting, medical transportation/storage, RVs, Car, Bus cabins or any outdoor application
  • Can be powered by 12/24V DC  and 220 V.
  • True refrigeration with compressor capable of cooling up to -22 degree centigrade with a full-range thermostat
  • Makes ice whenever needed.