Battery Operated Car Refrigerator 80 Lit


VB 80 DC AC is for Consumer need as portable refrigerator in Cars & Buses; portable refrigerator in Offices, portable refrigerator in Bed Rooms, refrigerators in Boats, etc. This is a fast cooling battery operated refrigerator for traveling.


Battery operated Car Refrigerator 80 Lit is a piece of cutting edge technology in transport refrigerators. Widely used in cars, motor-homes, caravans, RVs, etc.

Portable Car Refrigerator Features:

  • First of all its portable.
  • Best suited for Bus Pantry with wire storage basket.
  • Automatic switch for AC & DC-12/24V.
  • You can digitally control it with temperature display.
  • Car Refrigerator¬†also has a battery voltage monitor.
  • It also has an adjustable battery cut out with 3 individual settings.
  • Rugged Cabinet deisgn.
  • Ideal for long & short trips or camping.
  • It operates on 220V AC. Temperature Range ‘C/F’ –
  • 10o C to -22o C
  • Makes ICE. Gives chilled beverages & water. Keeps Fruits & Vegetables Fresh.
  • It can also be used at blood collection camps for transporting and storing blood collected at site.
  • You can also use this Refrigerator in medical vans.