• Premium built in refrigerator for Yachts, Mobile Home, SUV’S, Cars Etc.
  •  Ideal for small places. Below seats, Corner Table, Side Table, Center Table, Cupboard Etc.
  • Capacity is 30L .
  • Anti leakage inner tank.
  • Cools up to -20° C Freezer/Refrigerator.


DRAWER FREEZER/REFRIGERATOR MODEL VK DR-30 for SUV , luxury Bus RV Caravans and Motor Homes.

The  DRAWER FREEZER/REFRIGERATOR MODEL VK DR-30. Ultimate facility for all those great adventures you are planning in SUV, Vans, Boats, Luxury Buses pantry Caravans And Sedans.

A true refrigerator , it doesn’t depend directly on ambient air temperature for cooling. Powerful  compressor and control system. Automatically controls temperature.

Heavy-duty insulation and hardware provides colder temperatures longer.

Drawer type opening and bright LED display.  Capable of using both 12V/24V DC.  220V AC power operation adapter available.

THIS MODEL  is a necessity if you want to keep drinks or food cold/frozen. For  RV and SUV owners,  or anyone with only a small space, but a big need for keeping drinks cold/frozen.

It is easy to use, reliable and fit into small  places.  If you’re looking for a car refrigerator to keep your food cold, you’ve come to the right place.