Cassette Toilet Manual Flush

Cassette Toilet C-200 CW (Manual Flush) :

Cassette toilet has superbly simple service routine. Waste is Handled outside the vehicle, while life within goes on undisturbed. Permanent TOILET FOR RVs or fixed TOILET FOR CARAVANS or call it TOILET FOR BOATS.

Do not smell and requires no cleaning. Very Light and Compact to Fix Permanently in Motor-Homes.


Cassette Toilet C-200 CW MANUAL FLUSH:

The most elegant and latest chemical toilet in India. Ideal as motor home toilet, Caravan toilet, toilet for house on wheels, Recreational Vehicle Toilet, customised bus toilet and personal boat use.Far better than traditional commode.

Image and Discription of Cassette Toilet Manual Flush

Image Description
CASSETTE TOILET 8 Toilet service and handling is easy from outside.Contoured shape shrugs off shower water.
TOILET CASSETTE CAN BE SWIVELED THROUGH 180 DEGREES : On its pedestal locking securely at any stage the users chooses so the toilet can be fitted freestanding against any single wall in the vehicle bathroom area and the bowl can be swiveled away after use to liberate space.Light glows when the waste tank is nearly full.
CASSETTE TOILET 3 ACCESS TO THE TOILET :   A small door outside provides access to the toilet’s slide-out waste holding tank and the integrated fresh-water tank.
CASSETTE TOILET 4 WASTE DISPOSAL IS EASY :  The Cassette style holding tank slides out through the door. A new venting system equalizes pressure inside and outside the tank while the tank is in place. A switch is triggered which prevents the toilet from being flushed while the tank is absent.
CASSETTE TOILET 5 WATER REFILL :  Is effortless and spill-free, because everything takes place outside the vehicle.
CASSETTE TOILET 6 EASY TO CARRY :  Convenient handles make it easy to carry the waste holding tank to an authorised disposal point. Pouraway is simple too. The holding tank has an integrated pour-out spout for easy emptying.
NOTHING TO DISASSEMBLE OR CLEAN :  Nothing to disassemble or clean. Swivel it outward, uncap it and pour, while pressing the vent button with your thumb.
EMPTYING :  Contents empty with no splashing, no fuss, no mess. Finally, rinse out the tank. Add fresh water and the toilet fluid using the tank’s pour out spout cap, slide the tank back in and close the door.