WHEELCHAIR LIFT FOR BUS (Installed under step)


The lift will raise to Bus floor THEN FOLD BELOW THE BUS FLOOR.



VX-102-UVL-S SERIES (Installed under entrance step floor)

  • VX-102-UVL-S SERIES wheelchair lift is installed under bus step floor. It is operated easily, safe and reliable, with load capacity 300KG. The wheelchair occupant / attendant / driver can operate it by operating switches.
  • This wheelchair lift platform extends out from below bus step floor, raises up to vehicle floor and then downward to the ground.  When not in use, the platform can be folded under vehicle floor to make sure, there is enough room for doorway. There is a non-slippery platform provided to put the wheelchair on.
  • The lift is gravity down meaning the pump runs during upward operation only. Saves electricity during downward operation as it is gravity decline. Manual lift operation facility provided for use in emergency when there is no power.