Wheel Chair Lift – Horizontal Split

» Product Description :

Latest innovation for Wheelchair Users in India. Be it Senior Citizens; Patients; Handicapped people on wheel chairs.

Give senior citizens in your family with restricted mobility; the freedom they had all their lives.

Get a Wheel Chair Lifts installed in your vehicle. Wheel chair Lift in Buses. Wheel chair lift in your personal comfort vehicle or your personal Motor-homes; wheel chair lift in  Boats;  wheel chair lift in your customized vehicles for special purposes and other Applications.

It is not seen outside the vehicle at all. Our wheel chair lift Folds and stays inside the vehicle.

Select from our range of products in this segment.  Fits all vans including Tata Winger; Force Tempo Traveller; Mahindra Imperio Vans; Leyland Dost Vans, Tata Mobile Vans.

We also have products for all Sedan cars, SUVs, MUVs and all indian vehicles, etc..




Our WHEEL CHAIR LIFT gives the freedom and mobility to people with restricted mobility due to age or disability.


  • Using our Wheel Chair Lift is the best way for a wheel chair ridden person to get into and out of a vehicle. No need for family, friends or relatives to lift the wheel chair and put it into the vehicle. The exit of the wheel chair is equally smooth. This model has the platform split into half when in stowed condition.
  • The lifting weight capacity is so high that it can easily take weight up to 360 kgs.
  • This product is very sturdy and ideal for Indian conditions.
  • Requires minimum maintenance.
  • The lift will rise to van floor then fold into the van to stow.
  • The lift runs off 12 V. D.C. or 24 V D.C power.
  • Hand held control box is hard wired to the lift.
  • See our specifications to find various dimensions to match your vehicle and decide model of use.
  • Various Platform sizes area available.