Dual zone Fridge/Freezers MODEL VB-60 DC/AC– Top Opening Dual zone

The Dual Zone Fridge / Freezer are latest gift of technology in travelling comfort, with two independently controlled compartments; the configuration is up to you. Choose from the typical setup of fridge/freezer, or set both compartments to the same temperature to create a large fridge or freezer


CAR REFRIGERATOR DUAL ZONE 60 DC AC. This is a fast cooling refrigerator that can be used in Cars, Buses, Motor homes, caravans, RVs and other customized vehicles. It is equipped with battery operated micro compressor which consumes very little power and makes no noise. Our car refrigerator has got inbuilt battery drain protection. This is will not allow your vehicle battery to drain even if the refrigerator is kept on while the vehicle is stationary and engine is not in operation.


  1. With wire storage baskets
  2. Automatic switch for AC and DC
  3. Digital Control with temperature display.
  4. Battery Voltage monitor
  5. Adjustable battery cut out with three individual settings for battery drain protection.
  6. Ideal for long and short trips or camping
  7. Voltage: AC115V/240V or DC12V/24V
  8. Model Number: VK-BD/C-60ACDC dual zone