Car Coffee Maker 12V DC

Car Coffee Maker

Now latest Tea/coffee maker available in 12V. (Battery operated)

Can be easily used in any vehicle, be it car, SUV, route buses, caravans, medical vans etc.

Easy and convenient way of making coffee/tea/hot water/soup/etc.  during travel.

Specially made for transport application.




Latest tea/coffee maker easily available for use in cars, MUV, SUVS, buses, motor homes, outdoor clinic vans etc.

*          Just fill water and place powder/ coffee/tea pod and plug in the machine in the cigarette lighter of your vehicle and you are done.

*          Can use variety of tea bags, soup sachets, etc. To serve on road.

*          You can make 4 to 6 cups at a time.

*          Easy cleaning after use.

*          Keeps your drink warm for long time.

*          Protection provided for overheating.

*          Protection provided for dripping.