BUS Tea Coffee Maker 12 V / 24 V

Tea/Coffee Maker for Bus:-

The traditional kettle used by some has drawbacks when used in a mobile application. Unstable, being knocked over and spilling boiling water are just some of the safety critical areas which you do not want to worry about.

By fitting a ‘Tea/Coffee Mate’ water boiler, crews can make themselves a hot drink to keep warm and hydrated, therefore maximising concentration and keeping fatigue to a minimum.


BUS TEA COFFEE MAKER. This is a ideal equipment to serve warm drinks on buses.


  • 2.5 Litre capacity
  • Full thermostatic control
  • Safety screw filler cap
  • Heating and Ready lamps
  • Low water warning lamp
  • Element switch off at low water level
  • Mark free polyester finish
  • Plug in electrical connection


‘Tell tale’ LED’s advise mode of operation:

  • Yellow – Add water
  • Red      – Heating
  • Green  – Ready for use

Heating element automatically cycles on/off to maintain pre-set temperature level.