Bus Water Pump P10 – 12V

Water Pump P10 :

» Product Description :
12V D.C Water Pump. Battery Operated WATER PUMP in India for the first time.

For Mobile Homes, Mobile Offices, Ambulances, Buses, Boats, Ship, RVs & Caravan, Other Utility Vehicles & places where battery operated water pumps are required.

Pressure WATER PUMPS  for  fresh water;  single and multiple outlets in Toilet; Pantry;  Sinks; Showers;  etc. For filling of fresh water tanks from outside water source.

Dc permanent magnetic drive, high torque, high pressure, reliable performance, small, light, easy to install, self priming, automatic pressure switch, thermally protected, low noise, liquid temperature allowance up to 60 degree C, acid / alkali corrosion resistant.


  • Best for any type of portable water systems or fixed water systems in cars, motor-homes, buses, boats, camp sites, utility vehicles, mobile clinics; bunk houses and other applications. Helps to incorporate showers; wash basins; sinks; water filling systems; water dispensing and other purposes.
  • For indoor fountains; dispensing machines; road rollers etc.



Bus Water Pump is  battery operated and used for pressure water system on buses and special purpose vehicles.

FEATURES of bus water pump:

  • Compact automatic demand water system pump. Ideal for motor homes, buses, special purpose vehicles, road rollers, caravans, RVs, etc.
  • P10 Designed for up to 5 fixtures. Serves bus pantry and other areas needed on the vehicle.
  • Pump automatically starts and stops when faucet/tap is opened and closed.
  • Self-priming so pump can be located above water tank. Runs dry without problem.
  • Can also operate on 220 V A.C. (house power) with a simple converter.
  • Quiet flow and low current draw.
  • Flow rate 17 liters/min.