Awning Shade Side Small

 » Product Description :
Special Awning Shade Side Small for Camping vehicles; Caravans; Buses; Motor-homes; Mobile Blood Banks, Mobile Clinics, RVs; Boats; Awareness Vans And Other Mobile Applications. Our awnings are specially made for automobile use. They are compact and light weight. single person can handle it.


Awning Shade Small for all special purpose vehicles. This awning typically fits on side wall of the vehicle.

Ideally suitable for motor homes; caravans and house on wheels. Great utility for personal vehicles and vanity vans.

It is widely used for medical camping vans, awareness vans,  etc. Because of this equipment canopy shade is created outside the vehicle. Hence it attracts attention from far away distance when people see the vehicle. It is a must fitment on any type of commercial camping vehicle. Helps attract attention and spread awareness in the vicinity of the vehicle.

Our awnings are specially made for automobile use. They are compact and light weight. Single person can handle it.
Our awning shade side small comes with a cover or casing which makes it dust proof. It is specially meant for transport purpose. Hence it will serve your purpose for which it is purchased. It has a cassette type cover or casing.

The conventional canopy used in shops and other stationary establishments are open type and does not have any casing or cover.  Biggest problem with such conventional shades is that they become so dusty. They need to be washed every day or too often. So the whole purpose of fitting this type of awning shade is defeated. The equipment becomes useless in a very short time. Requires too much maintenance and care. It is a hassle. Whenever such conventional awning shades are fitted on a vehicle they are barely usable. One more reason not to use this conventional awnings is that they occupy too much space and so cannot be fitted on side wall of the vehicle. They have to be fitted on roof. This increases height of the vehicle and also the shade is too high when opened. Because of this when such a shade is extended, extension length of shade, from the side wall of the vehicle reduces. Hence it is a waste of money to use or purchase any local conventional type of awning on any camping vehicle. They are only meant to be fitted on shops or stationary application.



  • Specially meant for on road application on vehicles.
  • Single person can operate.
  • The support legs can easily be placed on the ground.
  • The support legs can also be placed on the vehicle walls in the special holders provided.
  • All our Casing Awning are with spring arms and have a handy telescopic hand crank with two clips for storing the hand crank. Electric Motorized version is also available and is battery operated.
  • Ultra rapid gear system.
  • Sturdy fabric and because of the casing type of construction it protects from dust when stowed.
  • Occupies very little space on the bus or any vehicle. Can be fixed on side wall of the bus.
  • Sizes available from 1.5 meters and upwards.