Awning Shade Roof Top

New designer RV Cassette Awning Shade Roof Top is fixed on the vertical side of the vehicle. This model features a larger projection than small awnings.



Awning Shade Roof Top for luxury buses, house on wheels, Ambulances, caravans, luxury cars and other special purpose cars. This product produces a nice canopy outside the vehicle protruding from the roof corner of the vehicle.

Range – 1.5 to 5 meter length


  • Our Casing Awning Shade Roof Top has strong and precise arms to ensure always a taut cover.
  • Also support legs and spring arms provide a maximum of wind stability and strength. We present ideal sun control product range, which includes innovative designs of Awning canopy side ( large size ) for Motor Homes and Caravans.
  • It is a Large size and provides greater sun shade to give extra shading area. These Canopies are widely used for various vehicles likes RV, luxury Bus , Mobile Medical Vans etc. Our product  can be supplied by easily customizing as per the need of the customers.
  • One can chose either  Manual crank handle system or Motorized system with a crank handle ( Manual ) backup system.
  • A world class canopy that is specially make for special cars. Any luxury car is incomplete without this equipment.
  • For commercial vehcles like medical vans and awareness vans,  it greatly increases visibility of your automobile if that is the purpose.  It adds to the comfort of the passengers while camping. In a medical camping van it can also facilitate registration of patients outside the vehicle and save crucial space inside the vehicle.
  • Often used in personal luxury buses, house on wheels, caravans, motor homes and RVs.
  • A lot of commercial vehicles including medical camping vans like mobile clinic, mobile dental van, mobile blood collection van, other special ambulances and customized vehicles use this awning in India.
  • This awning is specially folded into a single cassette cover that covers the canopy when folded. This makes it  hassle free product, as it does not need cleaning of the fabric everyday and Looks sleek.
  • It is strong enough to be used specially for automobile purpose and off road usage.  The casing of this cassette awning does not trouble while travelling and occupies minimum space so that the equipment does not protrude out from the vehicle. It only is confined into a small cover which can be easily installed on Roof of the vehicle.