Air conditioning System Single phase Roughneck

Air conditioning System Single phase Roughneck

World’s most established Customised Vehicle/Caravan / Bus/ RV Air-Condtioners. The RV air conditioner that’s built tough to take it.

  • 220 V (House Power) Operated Air-Conditioning System for Motor-Homes, Buses, Utility Vehicles, Bunk Houses, Boats and other off-road applications.
  • Ceiling/Roof mounted. Occupies no space in living area.
  • Operates on both outside power and generator (single phase).
  • Built specially strong to take road vibrations and rough roads at construction sites or oil exploration sites or pleasure holiday sites.
  • Easy & fast installation.
  • in built Heater.


Air conditioning System Single Phase Roughneck is  Coleman Mach Roughneck and a roof mounted unit for vehicles. It does not occupy any space inside the vehicle. The air outlet is on the ceiling.  It can be operated on external single phase 220 V house power or Generator provided on the vehicle. It is one of the world’s most reliable and widely used air conditioning unit for vehicles.

It is specially made for  off road applications or camping vehicles on buses, vans, motor homes, caravans, house on wheels and medical vans like mobile clinic, x- ray vans, mobile dental clinic, mobile blood collection vans and other camping and special purpose vehicles. Also used extensively for Oil exploration Vehicles. This unit can be operated on road with the help of a generator when external power source is not available.


  • When it comes to air-conditioners, power and strength do not mean the same thing. But they do come in the same package with a Coleman-Mach Roughneck RV Air Conditioner.
  • The motor is mounted directly to the bulkhead.
  • If features a shaft seal to protect against dust and cooling capacity loss.
  • The copper tubing has been rifled inside to create turbulence in the coolant which also enhances the system”s ability to dissipate heat.
  • The top and bottom of the compressor are secured to the air conditioner chassis, thereby reducing the potential for damage to the system when used in high stress applications.
  • Start kit with start capacitors and relays is provided as standard equipment to allow the unit to start easier under high temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Plastic drain pan eliminates corrosion. Small drain hole lets water out without letting out door air in.
  • Heater Assembly can be supplied a optional item to provide a source of warm air on cool days.