• Premium built-in refrigerator for yachts, mobile home & Cars.
    • Extremely Powerful DC Micro Compressor
    • Cooling system with minimum power consumption
  • Extremely low starting compressor current
  • Capacity: 50L
  • Voltage (V): DC 12V/24V & AC 220V
  • Cooling system: using compressor and integrated electronic control, with low-voltage protection (Battery Drain Protection), power fuse box auto reverse polarity protection.



CAR REFRIGERATOR VD-FD-50 L for SUV , luxury Bus RV Caravans and Motor Homes.

The  CAR REFRIGERATOR VD-FD-50 L for SUV , luxury Bus gives are  the ultimate capability for all those great adventures you are planning in SUV, Luxury Bus Caravans And Sedans.  A true refrigerator , it doesn’t depend directly on ambient air temperature for cooling. Powerful  compressor and control system.Built-in digital thermostat automatically controls temperature.Capable of maintaining 0 degrees F for true portable refrigeration . Heavy-duty insulation and hardware provides colder temperatures longer.Separate dairy/fruit compartment.Front opening with large buttons and bright LED display. Patented, durable hinge system on front-opening lid. Tough  latch tightly secures and seals the lid. Automatic cutoff protects your battery. Cools passively after power is removed. Uses less power than competitor brands.Capable of using both 12V/24V DC and 220V AC power.Power system is completely self-contained eliminating external power adapters.Built-in cable retention for easy storage.Cooling compartment rear-facing LED light.

CAR REFRIGERATOR VD-FD-50 L is a necessity if you want to keep drinks or food cold, for  RV owners, or anyone with only a small space, but a big need for keeping food cold, can all benefit from a CAR REFRIGERATOR VD-FD-50 L

CAR REFRIGERATOR VD-FD-50 L are easy to use, reliable and fit into the  places.  If you’re looking for a car refrigerator to keep your food cold, you’ve come to the right place.