Inverter 12V/24/48V to 220V (2000W )

Specially designed for vehicles,Cars, Buses, RVs,Boats, Customized vehicles,etc. Latest Technology.

Low Frequency Inverter 2000W (Wall-type) (Pure Sine wave with charger).

  1. Pure sine wave AC output, input and output completely isolated.
  2. LCD display, battery mode for choice.
  3. Converts DC to AC power to operate household appliances like TV, Refrigerator, etc. or 220V single phase operated equipments.
  4. You may use it to operate any medical or other equipment on your customized vehicle.
  5. When AC grid power is available, inverter charges battery, at the s am e time, AC grid power bypass through inverter to household appliances , such as refrigerator, TV.When AC grid power is off, it will automatic transfer s witch to battery power and convert DC to AC power.
  6. When battery power is lacking, it will automatic transfer to grid power for powering continuously.



On Inverter

  1. Strong load capacity; 3 times starting current crest ratio.
  2. AVR function and UPS function, wide input voltage (+/0-35%)
  3. Working mode (AC First/Solar First)

On Battery Charge & Transfer

  1. 3 stage intelligent battery charge; battery type (AGM, deep cycle, gel)
  2. 4ms typical transfer time guarantee power continuity.