Electra Magic Bus Toilet System

Electra Magic Bus Toilet :

This is a Large Toilet for Buses; Tourist Buses, Boats, Caravans  in India and other road applications where frequency of usage is high. It one of the best Bus Toilet across the world and a suitable bus toilet for India. Does Not Smell And Requires No Cleaning. Very Light And Compact To Fix Permanently in Buses and Wagons.  This toilet makes travel by road comfortable. It simplicity makes it one of the best bus toilet world wide.  Latest technology for RVs, motor homes and other customized vehicles.



Electra Magic Bus Toilet System: 
  • Electra Magic Bus Toilet System does not require  plumbing. It is the only of its kind unique system specially meant for buses and other special purpose vehicles to handle large loads.
  • A silent bus toilet never to get blocked. This models does not require a separate waste tank nor a connection of a water supply line. It is equally versatile to be used as a boat toilet.
  • Electra magic bus toilet is charged with clean water and toilet additive. An easy to read level indicator signals the initial charge level and warns when the waste tank is almost full. A valve at the bottom of the toilet can be opened to evacuate the waste at an authorized disposal point.
  • Whisper-quiet and clog free. Electra Magic is one of the best of it’s kind toilet in the world. You get all the space and water saving advantage. There is no hassle in fitment of this toilet on the bus.  As there is no plumbing required the down time is zero.
  • It is a 100% self contained bus toilet system which requires no pressure water connection or holding tank installation (an optional holding tank may be installed to increase total capacity). The Electra magic toilet is operated by a simple 12 Volt D.C. hook up ( 24 V d.c. version also available).
  • On the front of the Electra Magic is the exclusive Level indicator which shows at glance the content level of the waste tank and exactly when to evacuate the toilet.
  • It is also called a Chemical Toilet in India.  Most widely used toilet in RVs, Caravans, Motor-homes, House on wheels in India.
  • Additional waste tank can be installed with this toilet to increase the emptying frequency. When the inbuilt tank is full the latch at the bottom of the toilet is opened to send the waste to additional waste tank below the bus floor.