Bus Air conditioning Unit Single Phase Mach 10

» Product Description : World’s most established air conditioner for Vanity Vans, Boats, Customized Vehicles, Cranes and other special mobile applications. The RV air conditioner that’s built tough to take it. Ideal for all types of medical and leisure camping vehicles.

  • Ceiling/Roof mounted. Does not occupy any space in the living area.  Only grill is mounted on the ceiling from inside. The unit is mounted on the roof of the vehicle.
  • Fit it and forget it.


Bus Air conditioning Unit Single Phase Mach 10 Coleman is a roof mounted unit for vehicles. It does not occupy any space inside the vehicle. The cold air outlet is on the ceiling inside the vehicle.  It can be operated on external single phase 220 V power or Generator provided on the vehicle. It is one of the world’s most reliable and widely used air conditioning unit for vehicles.

It is supplied ready for operation (only power cable is to be attached).

  • Operates on both outside power and generator. This A.C. system will not operate without supply of     220 V. Physical installation is hassle free and takes no time,  to be done by any bus body manufacturer or any local fabricator with help of installation instructions supplied with the product. Saves Time. Pre charged with refrigerant.

It is specially made for  off road applications or camping vehicles on buses, vans, motor homes, caravans, house on wheels and medical vans like mobile clinic, x- ray vans, mobile dental clinic, mobile blood collection vans and other special purpose vehicles.

Bus Air conditioning Unit Single Phase Mach 10. The unit is pre charged with refrigerant.


  • As the best-selling air conditioner in the world, the Mach 10  is also one of the best RV air conditioner  available.
  • The Mach 10 features a large evaporator and condenser coils with raised lance fins to help dissipate extra heat.
  • Optional Heater Assembly can be supplied to request.
  • You can count on the Mach 10 for reliability too. All copper tubing and gas-flux brazed joints ensure durability and long life for your RV air conditioner.
  • It features a sealed shaft to protect against damage from the elements.
  • Start kit with start capacitor and relay is standard equipment to allow the air conditioner to start easier under high temperature and humidity conditions.
  • Corrosion-resistant, stainless steel truss head screws secure the shroud. The nylon washer underneath flexes with the shroud in the wind and distributes stress more evenly to prevent shroud fractures.
  • Plastic drain pan eliminates corrosion.
  • Special sea worthy version for ships is also available.
  • Whenever outside single phase power supply is not available then a generator is required on board to operate this a/c.