WheelChair Lift Vertical Split

» Product Description :

Wheel Chair Lifts for Vans; Caravans; Ambulances; Buses; Motor-homes; Boats; customized vehicles for special purposes and other Applications. It is not seen outside the van. Folds and stays inside the vehicle. Exclusive vertical split-platform design allows clear access to the vehicle’s interior.The platform splits vertically when stowed. Clear path entry.


WheelChair lift Vertical split is one of the latest version of wheel chair lifts. It’s platform splits from the center  when stowed. Hence gives easy pathway for a person to move in and out of the vehicle from behind. High weight carrying capacity of 360 kgs.


  • The lift is gravity down meaning the pump runs up only.
  • The lift will rise to van floor then fold into the van to stow.
  • The lift runs on 12 V. D.C. or 24 V D.C. power.
  • Hand held control is hard wired to the lift.
  • See our specifications to find various dimensions to match your vehicle and decide model of use.
  • Various Platform areas available.