Water Foot Pump

Foot Pumps for Mobile Homes, Offices, Ambulances & other utility vehicles.




This water foot pump is basically meant for supply to single outlet of water. Normally for wash basin.

It is to be placed in such a way that user can press it with his feet to get water in the wash basin tap. It is a manual device so it secures water supply at all time. (Electrical failure does not hamper its usage as faced while using electrical water pump).

This pump is manual and operates individually without any association with electrical system or other bigger water pumps in the vehicle.  Has to be installed on the floor by screwing its clamps. To be connected to fresh water tank. (It can also be supplied with washbasin module with in-built fresh water tank, faucet, piping and connections).

Its size is approximately

117 mm L (with clamp) x 94mm Dia x 75mm H